Yamashita Tomohisa – MOLA

Posted: 20/05/2009 in Song
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Sugoiiii ~~

The performance was like, *faint* so sexy. The moves and the song itself. Of course, since the one who performs it is Yamapi *scream~~*, it adds the spicy-ness! I even let it posted on my wall in my Facebook for few days. ^_^ If I were one of those girls sitting in the aisle and gets to touch him, I won’t allow myself to wash my hand for few days ~~*P

Shonen Club Premium

Yamapi - MOLA

MUST WATCH! Its subbed ^_^

I’m not going to post the lyric here because the video already contains the sub but the talk part doesn’t have any translation yet (I believe newshfan@LJ will get to it later) so I don’t get what they’re saying. By the way, the show where he performs this was Shonen Club (10.05.2009)

– I’ll even blog for previous performance or show if I have the mood >_<

  1. rukie says:

    love his sexy voice!! yamapi-kun~~

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