My random-ness

Posted: 19/05/2009 in Random

Blogger? I read blogs everyday and always tell myself to write one; never accomplished. I find it hard to write when you have nothing to write. I guess that makes me a super-simple-plain-person-with-nothing eh? Anyway.

Last few days a have a visitor. A strange one; he knew my name but I definitely doesn’t know him. After few minutes chattin, I figured out that he’s one my friend’s friend trying to take me join a business. I’m so no into business; for now.  He’s hot, though =P

Now I’m taking class for Microsoft Certificate (Database SQL). It will end with an exam this Friday followed by another day for soft skill combine. I think this is the 1st time I feel like studying because the classes are so pact, I need to be in class at 9am and only allowed to go back at 5pm. Suddenly I have a scheduled life. Yay! ^_^

So now I’m officially a diehardfan of Facebook, JE’s artists and Japanese Drama. I love to read too but up untill now, I randomly read almost anything. Juz that since this month I subscribed to Galaxie magazine so I wont miss out since I focuses more on Japanese artist nowaday. Maybe I’ll do reviews here; books, movies, dramas, artists, blogs, etc etc etc. I guess that is what people usually wrote in blogs, right? >_<

For those who doesn’t know JE, you can find the info here.

I’ll start writing reviews for my future post =)


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