Penang – Losing its Heritage Status?

Posted: 22/11/2008 in Random
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I was doing my final year project report when an email came throught my Yahoo! mail. After deleting all the totally-annoying-and-unwanted-spams, I went to Yahoo! frontpage where a headline caught my eyes; Penang May Loss World Heritage Status.

U see, I’m not really into all these heritage things. I’ve been to a museum once when I was little and onother time in my secondary school, and I’ve been avoiding it since; I cannot see what is it so interesting with all these old things. Then a friend of mine informed me that Pulau Pinang has been awarded with World Heritage Status. Of course I’m proud with that world recognition althought honestly, I’m think I never really appreciate it but hey, for my country’s world recognition, one should really proud of it.

Then I’ saw this news today. Quoting Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, said that:

“We cannot afford to call off the projects as the developers will take legal action against the local authorities so we must face the reality of losing the UNESCO status.”

It is so ashaming knowing the fact that Penang and Malacca has been applying for the status from UNESCO for a very long time before finally awarded with the recognition, but now the Penang Chief Minister, somehow, sounded like the recognition is something that will come and go easily as if it is a not-a-sweat thing. Sounded like he doesn’t care.

UNESCO’s regional adviser Richard Engelhardt said that,

“When the status is approved, the guidelines trump all previous existing regulations. Why would you apply for the status if there was no intention of following the guidelines?”

Someone please, all of these is because of 4 new going-to-build hotels. Don’t we have enaough hotels here in Penang?


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