Lazy ~ a habit?

Posted: 19/11/2008 in Random
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They say laziness is a habit, Some say, it is a natural human behavior. People say that it can be cured, but some say that it is something you have to work on. Whatever they say, I’m in the middle of it now. I need to cure myself.

We had a ‘jamuan raya’ for Rakan Muda USM. Such a simple night but so relaxing.


We, my housemates and I ‘adopted’ a kitty. So cute! He is actually our neighbor’s cat, But they throwed him away so we picked him up and raise him. Hehe.



Then I have another jamuan Raya at McD. Haha the kids and people there are all crazy! One of my best nights… =D



On 24th-27th October, me and another 19 friends went to Perak. We are selected as fasilitators for Rakan Muda Belia Benci Dadah.



Went to my-friend’s-brother wedding. Didn’t get the bride’s pic though.


I accidentally step op my glasses last few days, and one of the glass broke into two pieces. I’m practically blind.

Had a dinner at Stallion Apartment, Gelugor, Penang on 17 November 2008. We had a blast! We did a performance, its Poco-poco. We practices for only a week. Haha. We had so much fun!




  1. Saadah says:

    eh, itu ayu kan? dia pn ngan korang jugak ke.. ramai eh

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