Posted: 18/06/2008 in My Events, Random
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Ok. I’m listing it all here.

10 June 2008 – Crew Meeting (Batu Feringhi)

It was fun! We played all thay. We gathered at Queensbay around 9 in the morning, and all move to feringhi. My friend drove my car and I drove one of my pregnant manager’s car. we go cars all together. Our store manager have rent a bungalow, and the house is simple and beautiful!

Arrived there, after settle in the house, our store manager gives us some briefing. Then eat! Then we go straight to the seaside and play outdoor. An the evening we go explorace and play in the water! We go like crazy man! Never play like that before, almost drown also. Hehe. At night we play indoor game. We even hv barbeque that nite. Cleaning the house around 10 pm, and we all go back home and sleep…

14 June 2008 – Waterfall (Sg. Sedim)

BBQ. Play. Eat. Play. Super nice!

14 June – 15 June 2008 – Hospital (Kulim, Kedah)

Allergic to an insect bite.


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