Petrol price and road tax

Posted: 05/06/2008 in My Events, Random
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Yesterday got all the messages from everyone telling me to fuel up my tank. Bad enough, I don’t have time to go because after finish work at 5.15, straight go back then continue with my part-time work, 6pm-12am. While closing then my manager’s husband come and tell us about the situation outside, all are waiting for their turn for petrol.

The increase is too high i think. RM 0.78/litre. I used to remember the price are not this high before but now it reaches the number 2 (now RM 2.70/litre), I got kinda mad. I’m mad because they (the government or someone who is responsible for all this) never announce about the price increasing like, a week before. How do they actually think when people knows about the new price less than 24 hours before the increase? People all go crazy yesterday. My friend said that at one petrol station where she go went to fuel up my motorcycle’s tank said that the queue is almost 1kilometer far. And she saw Petronas’s lorry bring more petrol. Then this morning I listen to the radio, got one caller said that he gone crazy because he waited for almost one hour for his turn, then when the time comes, all petrol finish already. He really is angry.

Then one of my friend show me the news from TheStar today, saying that the government will cut off the road tax. I quote it here:

Owners of cars of 2 litre capacity engines and below, will get cash rebate of RM 265 a year and their road tax will be cut by RM 200, says PM

Do they really help to reduce our burden? You may do your own calculation.

Another thing, I think that the price increase is too high. I mean, yes, everyone is aware to the fact that the fuel will sure going up, sooner or later but personally, it is hard to take when the increase is almost 50% from the price-to-date.

I’m a student with part-time job that support maximum Rm 200/month only, plus with the help from PTPTN (RM 1750/semester only including fees and books) and my dad’s allowance, I feel the burden as I have a motorcycle and a car now (which I borrow from my mom for my usage). Now I pity for those who have a big family with little salary or income. Sure thing that all other’s price (sugar, nasi lemak, etc.) will increase also.

Maybe they should increase the salary too.


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